Hair Transplant in Turkey

Factors Required for Successful Hair Transplantation

Of course, experience is the first factor that comes to mind when all factors that affect the final outcome of hair transplantation operation are considered. We can list all factors that affect success as follows:

  • Experience
  • Education
  • The wide availability of health services
  • Technical equipment

Accommodation and Transfers

After flight ticket is purchased, hotel accommodation is generally handled by agencies. This is also organized by agencies.

Once you land, transfer from airport to hotel and vice versa will also be organized by agency representatives via VIP vehicles, which will be waiting for you. In other words, an agency representative will meet you at the airport, and thus, you will be transferred without any hassle. These transfers will be explained to you in your operation plan and will be either directly to your hotel or to the clinic according to the arrival time of your flight.

Appointment and Planning the Operation

Another step toward hair transplantation is that you need to make an appointment if you have decided on the clinic where you will have your hair transplantation. Once you make your appointment, the clinic should send you documentation that explains the hair transplantation process step by step. Of course, this can also be sent via Whatsapp.

Before the operation, you will be informed about the following steps:

  • Confirmation of flight ticket
  • Arriving in Turkey
  • Airport Hotel / Clinic transfer
  • Actual Consultation Day
  • Hair Transplantation Operation
  • What to Do After the Operation
  • Transfer to Airport for the Return Trip
  • Clinic officials will inform the patient about the range of dates of all these processes.
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